Nová Říše

This town has a long and interesting history. There is a village called “Cerveny hradek” less than 3 kilometres away. Monastery walls carry ceilings from the last renewing in 1821 after an awful fire in 1813 which destroyed the whole monastery area at the original ground plan. Nowadays there are two rectangular courtyards surrounded by two-storied houses. Its rooms are decorated with stuccos on the ground floor and with illusional paintings and figural frescos on the first floor. But the most valuable part is the monastery library, the decoration inside was miraculously untouched after the big fire. The monastery is connected by a hallway with the church of St. Petr and Pavel built at the place of an old church from 1688.
Nová ŘíšeNová Říše
Nová Říše - monasteryNová Říše - monastery
Monastery complex